Seattle Art Museum – Olympic Sculpture Park

I’d been wanting to visit the sculpture park again for some time, to see new additions to the collection and to revisit works by three of my favorite artists, Serra, Calder, and DiSuvero. I went on a brisk, overcast day just before the new year.

I was reflecting on the first time I saw Richard Serra’s Wake, 2004, just after it was installed. It is first seen from a long distance, from above, and as you approach the work it grows and grows; by the time you reach it, you are immersed within it.

Seattle is fortunate to have a classic Alexander Calder, from 1971, Eagle. It is a sculpture worthy of repeated visits, to see how it captures northwest light in the different seasons and times of day.

It was exciting to see Mark di Suvero’s, Schubert Sonata, 1992, with Eliot Bay as a backdrop. As with all of DiSuvero’s signature work, it is like a drawing in steel, and I look forward to spending more time with it during upcoming visits.


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Hello Thomas,
Happy New Year.
Are you familiar with The Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Serra “Joe” and Washington U Kemper Art Museum, Calder, in St. Louis? Of course for now The Kabine a Tiny Shiny Shop.
Happy Travels,
Kim Hayes

Thomas Alix Johnston

Hello Kim, and happy new year to you as well. I haven’t been to SL yet so I haven’t seen these two in person. When I do I’ll be sure to visit the Tiny Shiny Shop. T

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