Seattle Art Museum

Like A Hammer – Jeffrey Gibson

We were in Seattle recently, on one of those rare March days when many people were outside, enjoying unusually warm sunny days with the arrival of spring, having left their jackets and sweaters home. As such, many indoor activities were calm and quiet. It was a perfect afternoon to venture indoors, no ticket lines, no crowds, just the right amount of space amongst an appreciative art audience. Regular visitors to this blog know that I occasionally write about some of the exhibitions that I see, though not all, especially if it’s too near the closing date. If you visit my IG account you’ll see occasional posts from some of those exhibitions. Continue reading →

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Graphic Masters Seattle Art Museum

Graphic Masters Seattle Art Museum

There were several good, ambitious exhibitions in Seattle this summer, timed to coincide with the second annual Art Fair. To get a sense of what is going on in the Pacific Northwest and learn about those ambitious undertakings follow these links: Art Fair and Out of Sight v.2 at the King Street Station and Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art COCA – now relocated to their new space. UW’s Henry Gallery, presented Senga Nengudi: Improvisational Gestures, a captivating exhibition featuring her sculpture, installation, and videos that were exciting to see in the Pacific NW.


Rembrandt, installation view Graphic Masters, Seattle Art Museum

Last June I referred to the now closed exhibition of Graphic Masters at Seattle Art Museum and other printmaking shows Continue reading →

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11, rue Foyatier

Atelier Lacourière et Frélaut at 11, rue Foyatier

In conjunction with the exhibitions of my previous post, Munch in Tacoma, and the Graphic Masters at the Seattle Art Museum, I thought it would be interesting to provide you links to some of my writings and earlier posts about printmaking, especially in Paris.

The image above was shot from the Funiculaire de Montmartre and shows the exterior of  Atelier Lacourière et Frélaut where Picasso made many of his important etchings.

Printmaking in Paris – Atelier Lacourière et Frélaut

Atelier Lacourière et Frélaut, Paris – Metro and Primary X²

Du Regard à la Vision



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