Mark di Suvero

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum

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Seattle Art Museum – Olympic Sculpture Park

I’d been wanting to visit the sculpture park again for some time, to see new additions to the collection and to revisit works by three of my favorite artists, Serra, Calder, and DiSuvero. I went on a brisk, overcast day just before the new year.

I was reflecting on the first time I saw Richard Serra’s Wake, 2004, just after it was installed. It is first seen from a long distance, from above, and as you approach the work it grows and grows; by the time you reach it, you are immersed within it.

Seattle is fortunate to have a classic Alexander Calder, from 1971, Eagle. It is a sculpture worthy of repeated visits, to see how it captures northwest light in the different seasons and times of day.

It was exciting to see Mark di Suvero’s, Schubert Sonata, 1992, with Eliot Bay as a backdrop. As with all of DiSuvero’s signature work, it is like a drawing in steel, and I look forward to spending more time with it during upcoming visits.

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The Art of Seeing The Seeing of Art

The Art of Seeing The Seeing of Art

You may recall from some of my other posts, I’m a creature of habit, revisiting places and locations, sometimes just to see familiar works or new exhibitions in favorite galleries. On more than one occasion I’ve had that sense of déjà vu, when in a specific location, coming to the realization that, oh yes, I’ve been in this place, seeing a different exhibition, sometimes in a reconfigured gallery, usually leading to an enhanced or new appreciation/understanding. Then there are intentional visits to search out specific works of art, to see how they look, sometimes with years between viewings, with layers of experience between visits added to the mix.

During our walks in Chicago, we made several visits to see specific outdoor works, especially Magma by Mark di Suvero and Flamingo by Alexander Calder. Even Continue reading →

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Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field, San Francisco, 2013-14

Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field, San Francisco, 2013-14

Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field, San Francisco was an exhibition/installation I was able to spend a few hours, walking among, in, and around, photographing these eight beautiful sculptures by Mark di Suvero.
The exhibition, organized by SFMOMA was on view through May 26, 2014.
It was exciting to experience them throughout the year in different light, wind, and weather. Included with this post are photographs I took in September 2013. Click on one of the thumbnails to activate the gallery. To learn more about Mark di Suvero and to see additional works by the artist follow this link



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