Urban Notes – Digital Snaps

Palimpsest Primaries, 2014, color photograph, image: 14" x 21" paper: 18" x 24"

Palimpsest Primaries, 2014, color photograph, image: 14″ x 21″ paper: 18″ x 24″

I update this post from time to time, with examples of images I make, or have made, culled from files of visual notes that I’ve taken while walking in the urban environment. Something usually catches my eye and I’ll take a “snap” of it, as in snapshot, leftover from film days and pocket sized point and shoots. The current range of phone/cameras are ideal for this kind of note taking, portable, simple to use, and always with us. Most of these notes are visual references that fuel my imagination; I never use them as something to copy or translate into another medium. This note taking is a form of digital sketchbook.

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