Three 4 Seattle

Seattle Skyline 2014

Walking around, looking around (and up), finding shape and color in the urban environment. I like the way things fit in my compositions, all the little triangles around the larger one in the Seattle Skyline, and at the Seattle construction site, the primary colors, plus black, white, and gray. Somedays, things just fit in the frame perfectly, taking advantage of the confines of the frame, all the space on the film, or in this case, sensor.

Seattle Construction

This third image, added to this post later, and now included here: I just couldn’t walk past it, or ignore it, for several reasons. It just grabbed me; a hole in the wall, a broken surface, a simple, beautiful shape, on a gray textured field. As a source, it was located directly behind me as I arranged the elements of the picture included above in this post.


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