Whitney Biennial

NYC – 2019

NYC – 2019

When I was in NYC recently, I saw a lot of great shows, including the Whitney Biennial, which I was able to visit a couple times in the final days it was on view.

Many of the 75 artists in the Biennial were new to me; among those whose work I was already familiar with, I was especially looking forward to seeing Jeffrey Gibson’s and Nicholas Galanin’s work. I saw an in-depth survey of Gibson’s work in Like A Hammer last winter at Seattle Art Museum, which I wrote about here. As for Galanin, I first became aware of his work in a show curated by Lara Evans some ten+ years ago. Among the many powerful works in the exhibition I thought his tapestry, White Noise, American Prayer Rug, worked extremely well on many levels. For a good review of the Biennial see Zachary Small’s review at Hyperallergic. Continue reading →

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Jeffrey Gibson – Like A Hammer

We were in Seattle recently, on one of those rare March days when many people were outside, enjoying unusually warm sunny days with the arrival of spring, having left their jackets and sweaters home. As such, many indoor activities were calm and quiet. It was a perfect afternoon to venture indoors, no ticket lines, no crowds, just the right amount of space amongst an appreciative art audience. Regular visitors to this blog know that I occasionally write about some of the exhibitions that I see, though not all, especially if it’s too near the closing date. If you visit my IG account you’ll see occasional posts from some of those exhibitions. Continue reading →

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