Mt. Rainier



Tahoma, aka Mount Rainier, was our final destination of exploring and revisiting favorite places in the Pacific Northwest. The warm weather of early autumn days lingered long enough for us to visit this beautiful National Park before the rain and snow returned. With smoke inundating the region, it was refreshing to have a couple days in the pure mountain air. The summer-like days were warm and ideal for day hikes; not too warm, and no need for rain gear.

The eastern edge of the meadow caught the final rays as the sun dropped below the crest of the ridge filling the meadow with shade. The Nisqually Glacier overlook provides a beautiful view of the mountain, the many waterfalls flowing into the glacial moraine, and the glacier itself, the origin of the Nisqually River. Untold numbers of people have experienced the beauty of nature from these viewpoints at different times and seasons, spanning the centuries. The view presented the day we were there has already been transformed with the arrival of snowfall.


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Following up on my post about the unusual snowfall last week, with the melt-off in progress, and the full moon of yesterday entering its waning gibbous phase, we were treated to this sunrise just over the southern edge of Mt. Rainier.

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Fire and Ice – Kona to Chicago

We left Kona with temperatures in the low 80s, arrived at SeaTac that evening to a difference of 50 degrees. Two days later Annie was off to Chicago where temperatures were lower yet. Ice at the beach is something I’m just not used to. When she returned to the PacNW the temperature was warmer but still cold enough for a light dusting of snow on Christmas Eve.

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