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Du Regard à la Vision

Du Regard a la Vision- Case

Du Regard à la Vision, a limited edition livre de luxe with five aquatints and poem, The Panther, by Rainer Maria Rilke.  Publisher: Éditions Lacourière Frélaut, Paris, France, 1994. Dimensions: case- 10 5/8” x 8 ½” x 1 1/8,” images- 10” x 8”

When Denise Frélaut-Fischerman and Luc Guerin took leadership of publications and editions at Lacourière Frélaut, their first project was to invite four artists, including myself, to create a set of livre de luxe.  The other three artists invited to participate in this first project were ChristianC, Martin Müller-Reinhart, and Françoise Roy.

Rilke’s beautiful poem The Panther was the inspiration Continue reading →

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