Atelier Lacourière et Frélaut, Paris – Metro and Primary X²


aquatint, 26" x 20" (paper)
Metro, aquatint, 26″ x 20″ (paper)

I was living in Paris in an apartment on rue Daguerre and working at Atelier Lacourière et Frélaut; Jacques and Robert Frélaut showed me their approach to making aquatints. Luc Guerin pulled the proofs and printed the edition. The title was inspired by my daily commute on the metro, across the city, from Montparnasse Continue reading →

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Lithography with Rudolf Broulim, Antwerp, Belgium

Atelier Rudolf Broulim, Antwerp

lithograph 15″ x 22″

An artist I met at Atelier Lacourière Frélaut, Hugo Besard, introduced me to Rudolf Broulim, a master printmaker who had left his native Prague and settled near Antwerp.  Rudolf has worked with many artists (including Jiří Anderle and Oldřich Kulhánek), producing stunning artworks, Continue reading →

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Stanley William Hayter’s Atelier 17, Paris

Stanley William Hayter’s Atelier 17, Paris

Bartok and Fleuropa 

Some days I would use my Carte Orange pass, taking the bus to Montparnasse, then catching the Metro to Pernety Station; other days I would walk to the atelier, exploring different routes and streets through the 14th arrondissement. I was working during the morning studio sessions, often arriving before the atelier opened. I’d go next door to Madame Paulette’s cafe, where I’d sometimes meet other artists who had come from distant parts of the world, some who had fled their countries for political reasons, others who had come to study with Hayter, and some who just needed a place to work.

engraving with soft-ground etching
Bartok, engraving with soft-ground etching

Bartok is a small copperplate engraving based Continue reading →

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