Honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Honoring RBG

On September 29th, Olympia Indivisible sponsored a peaceful rally to honor the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Friends and neighbors masked up and social distanced on Fourth Avenue in downtown Olympia. Our signs said RUTH SENT US:

To Protect the Supreme Court
To Flip the Senate
To Win the White House
To Phone Bank, Text, and Donate
To Save Democracy
And Vote Early! Use Ballot Boxes
Learn How: OlympiaIndivisible.org

A set of photographs on my Flickr account document some of the rallies of the past three years as well as this group.



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Moving Water…or…water, water, everywhere…


Moving Water…or…water, water, everywhere…

Last winter we fired up the old e420 for another road trip heading south on I-5, negotiating torrential rains and pounding winds all through Washington and Oregon. Wind advisories in Northern California had reduced traffic while the constant rains kept the wipers going full-time. At the time I posted a couple of short videos to share Continue reading →

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Project Space Olympia

When I stop by the gallery I usually take some time to play with the light, see how it relates to the works on the walls. While documenting the exhibit other things happen, light comes in from outside, mingling with the halogens, mixing in interesting and subtle ways. Sometimes it catches me by surprise, Continue reading →

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