Yes, a book, but obviously that isn’t the main topic of this picture, but it is an added bonus. The inspiration for this picture was playing with space, both in the division of the rectangle and also the emphasis of the spatial depth. This was further enhanced by the choice and characteristics of the lens and aperture, focussing on the cactus in the foreground while leaving elements beyond the plane of focus to dissolve into the out of focus bokeh.

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Night Walk Night Hawks

Night Walk Night Hawks

A walk around downtown Olympia on a drizzly spring Friday night inspires this post. Viewers who are familiar with my approach know that I’m a creature of habit, returning to locations time and again, to see and record changes that occur over time. I’ve shared some of those experiences in previous posts and add a few new images.

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Leica Collection &  a IIIf DeConstructed

Leica Collection & a IIIf DeConstructed



Leica film cameras

Leica film cameras – top- 3, 3c, 3g, middle- M6, 3f, bottom- M7, MD-2, M2, M3, M4, MP


Leica 3f



When I was growing up I was a typical kid with a paper route. I delivered the morning papers on a 3×3 block grid; one street was the business district of this beach community, which included the local camera store, a print shop, bars, clothing stores, a diner, a soda fountain and a movie theater, The Strand, where I spent many a Saturday afternoons.



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