Fifty Years Ago – June 1967

Yes, it was fifty years ago, if not on this exact day, it was in this month during June 1967 that this picture was taken.

I had just made the lithograph shown in the photo, two states of its progress. It takes its title “Twentieth Century Fox with a Fantastic Plastic Four Speed Box” from a mash-up of music, pop, and car culture, and was the last print I made in California. It was hand drawn on stone, bleed printed with two transparent colors over black, on 15” x 11” Rives BFK in an edition of 20. Continue reading →

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Topanga Beach, 2014 26 1/2" x 40"

Topanga Beach, 2014
26 1/2″ x 40″

A recent visit to Southern California found us driving around, visiting museums and galleries, being with friends and family; its always good. As usual, the main focus of this blog is about art, the art I make, the art I see, and art that is memorable to me. I share it here in case you may find yourself in the vicinity of any of the specific exhibitions that are still on or that may travel to other venues; also, some of the artists’ work may be somewhere close by or coming to a museum or gallery in your city. This post is a departure from my usual, where a few words go with a series of photographs. This narrative is longer than usual, and could have easily morphed into more detailed descriptions of the artworks referenced, and in case you are interested in additional info just follow the links to the institutions. Despite this, it is longer than my usual post. Continue reading →

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