Black Sand White Spray Gray Sky Molten Red on Big Island

The island shuttle, Mokulele Airline, was a good experience all around, and as one never knows what to expect with travel institutions these days, we knew we had made the right decision at the counter; “oh, the weight of your suitcase is close enough. a couple pounds over… no big deal.” Too much wind/rain prevented the plane from landing at Hilo which delayed our flight since they had to return and would be using the same plane for the flight to our destination, Kona. They said we’d probably be the only 2 on it, but then at boarding, the plane was full, all nine seats. It was a windy and at times bumpy flight and as we were seated in the rear of the aircraft I could see couples reaching across the isle to hold hands during the turbulent bumps. But it was a good flight, and no  sooner had we left the lush, moist, green of Maui that we found ourselves flying over the dry, desert like, lava covered landscape as we approached the Kona airport. Continue reading →

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