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Revolver – Artist Book

Revolver – Artist Book


Initially, Revolver grew out of the desire to create a series of paintbrushes, actual brushes that could be used in the act of painting. Having used commercially available brushes made from a variety of natural bristles, animal hairs, and synthetic materials, I was curious how a brush made from human hair would carry and distribute various paints and inks. Would a paintbrush made from human hair hold media differently, and would it delineate with precision or let flow over the paper or canvas much differently than say, squirrel, sable, horse or other source material?

I was discussing this idea with an artist I know who also happened to be a hair stylist. After she finished cutting my hair she said hold on a sec, and disappeared behind her curtain, into the next room. When she returned, she brought, cradled in her arms, several examples of long hair that had been shorn from customers who had transformed their appearance and left behind dramatic locks. She offered me the choice of one sample from her collection.

I selected the blackest hair, Continue reading →

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